Transformation. Erna Mir. Armenia.

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Transformation professional:

Natasha Krylik, stylist :

We brushed Erna’s long hair easily with the Deluxe detangler brush by Wetbrush  We highlighted the girl’s delicate and sophisticated beauty with a simple and elegant hairstyle, a high flock of original shape. In this hairstyle we used Tigi Bed Head After Party for smooth and silky hair ends, Tigi Bed Head Hard Head hairspray for strong setting. Tigi Bed Head Headrush became the glossy final touch.


Elena Shtitskaia, makeup designer :

Since Erna is the youngest contestant, we decided to make her image very delicate. To make her skin more radiant, we selected the Juicy Color foundation and the Way To Perfection matt powder for her Т-zone, by Faberlic . We shaped her eyebrows with the Ardell transparent gel. For the colors harmony in this makeup, we used products of similar shades: Birth Of Dawn two-color eye shadows, Beauty Era blusher and the PROVOC halfpermanent lip pencil #48 Ardell eyelashes #113 helped to make the final touch in this makeup.


Olya Afizi :

Well-conditioned hands of our contestants make an integral part of their image. Spa treatment, cuticule oil treatment, stylish nail-shaping, manicure, long-lasting nail varnish. We are through all the stages of nail care. The contestant is ready to take to the stage. Making beauty with love. PERSONA.


Photо: Arkady Glukhikh




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