» » » On September, 5 was cancellation of the postcard and casting of the bas-relief.

On September, 5 was cancellation of the postcard and casting of the bas-relief.

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Cancellation ceremony of a commemorative card with stamps on it, issued with the support of the Post of Russia to celebrate the Contest, was held on September, 5 2017, 12.00 (the Biblioteka Restaurant, 7th floor, the Imeretinsky Hotel).

Honorable guests of the ceremony were the Head of the city of Sochi Anatoly Pakhomov, People’s Artist of Russia Nikolay Baskov, Director of the FSUE Russian Post Southern Macroregion Roman Kostenko.

The ‘New Wave 2017’ contestants participated in the ceremony, as well as the Contest Organizing Committee members.

This postcard depicting the contest emblem against the backdrop of the Sochi Olympic Park which is to host the international music forum will start circulating prior to the opening of the grand music festival. The postcard is a limited edition. A special postage stamp with the dates of 05-14.09.2017 on it was manufactured for the postcard cancellation. This postage stamp has the ‘New Wave’ logo and the cancellation place of Sochi 354000 on it. On September, 5, the ‘New Wave 2017’ contestants and guests will have the opportunity to become the first ones to send these unique postcards to their relatives, friends and close ones all over the world.

Starting from September, 6, the postcard with stamps will be available at the Central Post Office of Sochi. From September, 6 to 14, anyone can get this special postage stamp impressed on their postcards at the Central Post Office of Sochi 354000 located at 1/2, Vorovskogo Street.

On September, 5, at 12.30, the jubilee ‘New Wave 2017’ bas-relief was cast under the guidance of a sculptor, Member of the Artists’ Union of Russia Vyacheslav Zvonov. All of this year’s finalists were involved in this creative process. This unique ceremony is one of the contest’s traditions. The first modeling and casting took place in 2010 with the participation of the ‘Miera Kauss’ international organization in the presence of dignitaries and Ambassadors of the participating countries. Each of the contestants contributes part of their heart and talent to this joint work.

The Vanil Confectionery prepared a cake in the shape of the bas-relief with the names of the participants on it to honor this event.

This bas-relief cast in bronze will be ceremonially installed on September, 14, at 11.00 a.m. at Nesebrskaya Street (orienting point – Rotunda).

Accredited media representatives are invited.



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