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           The ‘New Wave-2018’ International Contest of Young Pop Singers was staged in Sochi from September 4 to September 9, 2018. The main mission of the Contest is to showcase to the world that such music festival is particularly relevant in countries where development of modern music culture is recognized as a senior issue.

Every year the ‘New Wave’ star concerts feature performances of Russian and world pop stars in support of young talents:  S. Wonder, M. Bolton, Seal, T. Braxton, C. David, L. Fabian, E. Iglesias, P. Kaas, In-Grid, T. Cutugno, S. Connor, B. Tyler, T. Anders, Chris de Burgh, Al Di Meola, J. Cocker, M. Caballe, R. Gibb, Al Jerreau, ‘Roxette’, L. Stansfield, T. Jones, R. Thicke, N. Furtado, R. Astley, E. Shapplin, Sting, R. Martin, E. Ramazzotti, LP, A. Pugacheva, D. Hvorostovsky, I. Kobzon, V. Leontiev, A. Netrebko, Ph. Firkorov, S. Rotaru, N. Baskov, Valeria, L. Dolina, G. Leps, V. Meladze, many others. The celebrity artists express their appreciation of the top quality standards of the Contest, its scope and high status.

Many participants of previous editions of the Contest have become popular performers. Over years, the ‘New Wave’ has introduced to the world a cast of great names: D. Bilan (Russia), S. Lazarev (Russia), E. Butler (Israel), A. Stotskaya (Russia), Gr. Cosmos (Latvia), T. Dubtsova (Russia), I. Busulis (Latvia), T. Karol (Ukraine), P. Gagarina (Russia), V. Gordienko (Moldova), Nyusha (Russia), I. Dorn (Ukraine), S. Sondoro (Indonesia), Jamala (Ukraine), Roberto Kel Torres (Cuba), A. Borodin (Russia), and many others. A number of times the ‘New Wave’ contestants became later  finalists of the ‘Eurovision’ contest: D. Bilan (‘New Wave 2002’ and ‘Eurovision’ in 2006 and 2008), I. Busulis (‘New Wave 2005’ and ‘Eurovision-2009’), N. Barbu (‘New Wave 2004’ and ‘Eurovision-2007’), Sofo Khalvasi (‘New Wave 2006’ and ‘Eurovision-2007’), Aisha (‘New Wave 2009’ and ‘Eurovision-2010’), the ‘PeR’ band (‘New Wave 2010’ and ‘Eurovision 2014’), Donny Montell (‘New Wave 2011’ and ‘Eurovision 2016’), Jamala (‘New Wave 2009’ and ‘Eurovision 2016’), P. Gagarina (‘New Wave 2005’ and ‘Eurovision 2015’), Sergey Lazarev (‘New Wave 2002’ as a member of the ‘SMASH!’ duet, ‘Eurovision 2016’)

The TV audience of over 200 million viewers watching the ‘New Wave’ Grand Final live on RUSSIA-1 channel is the evidence of the Contest’s popularity and public recognition.

Each year, from 2002 to 2014, the Contest was staged in Latvian Jurmala.

In 2015, the ‘New Wave’ moved to Sochi.

The ‘New Wave 2018’ awards were contested by 15 finalists from 10 countries of the world: Emil Kadyrov (Azerbaijan), Gevorg Harutyunyan (Armenia), Ivailo Filipov (Bulgaria), Demy (Greece), Marko (Italy), Mad June (Kazakhstan), Lenni-Kim (Canada), Klinsmann (Malta), Daria Antonyuk (Russia), Dan Rozin (Russia), Ana Zorina (Russia), the ‘EtnoZapil’ band ( Russia), the ‘Ki? Tua!’ band (Russia), the ‘Pidzhakov Live’ band, Sasha Pashkov (Ukraine).

People’s Artist of Russia, producer and composer Igor Krutoy is the Chairman of the ‘New Wave’ Jury. The contestants’ performances were assessed by honored professional Jury. The honored Jurors in 2018 featured:  Igor Nikolaev, a popular singer and composer; Philipp Kirkorov, People’s Artist of Russia, a composer and producer; Alsou, Honored Artist of Russia, popular singer; Sergey Lazarev, a popular singer, actor, TV presenter; Anzhelika Varum, a popular singer, actress, Honored Artist of Russia; Ani Lorak, People’s artist of Ukraine, a popular singer; Dimitris Kontopoulos, popular composer; Intars Busulis, a popular singer, musician and composer; Arman Davletyarov, CEO of ‘MUZ-TV’TV Russian national channel.

On 31 September, the memorable ceremony of molding the ‘New Wave’ bas-relief was held at the Biblioteka restaurant of the  Imetetinsky hotel  in Sochi. All the contestants of the ‘New Wave 2018’ participated in it under guidance of Vyacheslav Zvonov, a Russian sculptor and member of the Artists’ Union. This unique ceremony is one of the established traditions of the Contest: the first molding session was staged in 2010 in partnership with the ‘Chalis of Peace’ association  and in presence of  honored guests and ambassadors of the participating countries. Every finalist contributes a piece of their mind and heart into the joint project. On 9 September, the official installation of the bas-relief was organized on the seaside promenade in the heart of Sochi (Nesebrskaja str., next the the famous landmark-the Rotunda). The ceremony was attended by Mayor of Sochi Anatoly Pakhomov, Chairman of the competition Jury Igor krutoy, representatives of the Organizing Committee of the ‘New Wave ‘, Vyacheslav Bells, a member of the Union of artists of Russia, and, of course, the Grand Finale contestants.

On 31 August, the Pochta Rossii Russian Postal Service arranged a special joint Postal Cancellation ceremony of the commemorative postage stamp dedicated to the Contest.  The ceremony was attended by Sochi Mayor Anatoly Pakhomov, Head of Russia’s Southern Postal Service Roman Kostenko, members of the Organizing Committee of the Contest and the contest participants. The cancellation day was the first date of issue. The commemorative postage stamp depicts the Sochi Sea Port and the logo of the ‘New Wave 2018’ International Contest of Young Pop Singers. Besides the stamp, there was released the first day envelopes and the first day postmark  issued for Sochi and Moscow. The Postal Cancellation ceremony was held at the Imeretinsky hotel in Sochi. Its participants were the first ever senders of letters and postal cards with the unique postage stamp forwarded to their family and friends all over the world.  On the same day, from 03:00 p.m. till 10:00 p.m. anyone could get stamps cancelled by the first day postmark at the Sochi central post office at 1/2 Vorovskogo street, 354000, Sochi.

On 3 September, the ‘New Wave’ spirit rolled into the Adler railway station in Sochi on board the branded ‘New Wave 2018’ train. Pop music contest spectators, the Jury, and the Organizing committee members arriving by train 104B Moscow-Adler at 10:50a.m. were met by reporters and musicians who had come to Sochi earlier. This ceremonial welcome party was stage for the ‘New Wave’ train passengers thanks to cooperation of the Joint Stock Company “Federal Passenger Company” (JSC ‘FPC’).

Press-conferences devoted to the Contest opening and closing, were held on 4 and 9 September (lecture hall 1, building J of the Imeretinsky resort hotel, Marine Boulevard, 1). The press conferences Panel included People’s artist of Russia, Chairman of the Jury Igor Krutoy, People’s artist of Russia, the Contest Jury member Filipp Kirkorov, the Contest Jury member Sergey Lazarev, the Contest Director Alexander Rumyantsev, Director General of ‘GPM ‘ Radio Yuri Kostin,  Sochi Mayor Anatoly Pakhomov, CEO of ‘MUZ-TV’TV Russian national channel Arman Davletyarov, Director for Development and Strategic Partnerships of web site Aleksandr Volodin.

One of traditional events on the social program of the festival was the ‘New Wave 2018’ Cup in beach football. Such annual sports events attract participation of star musicians, artists, athletes, VIP celebrities. The football game on September 7 was held between the team of contestants and the ‘New Wave’ team of recognized stars. Among players on the all-star team  was a popular Latvian composer, singer and winner of the ‘New Wave 2005’ Contest, member of the ‘New Wave 2018’ Jury Intars Busulis, a popular singer, actor Alexei Vorobiev, and others. The game ended  in a convincing victory of the team of senior stars and organizers at 3:0. The outfit of participants was provided by the ZASPORT brand of designer Anastasia Zadorina, the official outfitter of Russia’s Olympic team ( The match was held with the support of KARTINA-TV on the sports court of Sport Inn hotel (18A Uritskogo str.,.Adlersky City District, Sochi).

 On 9 September, the ceremonial embedding of a star was celebrated on the  Star Walk in Sochi (3/4A Navagiskaya str., near the music fountains and Olympic mascots). The ceremony was attended by the main protagonists of the Contest – its 15 finalists, Sochi Mayor of Anatoly Pakhomov, Chairman of the Contest Jury Igor Krutoy. Guests were treated to champagne and a cake provided by the  ‘Vanil’’ company.

The ‘New Wave 2018’ festival was staged at the ‘New Wave Hall’ erected in the Olympic park.


The Program:

4 September

07.30 p.m. – The ‘New Wave 2018’ Grand Opening Concert

Traditionally, the 2018 Contest opening program included introduction of the 15 finalists from 10 countries, the national flags ceremony honoring home countries of the contestants, presentation of members of the professional Jury, and, of course, the concert of Russian and foreign stars. The event featured Philipp Kirkorov, Basta, Feduk, Sergey Lazarev, Dima Bilan, Diana Arbenina, Nikolai Baskov, Valeriya, Kristina Orbakaite, Irina Dubtsova, IOWA, I Busulis, Alekseev, Yulianna Karaulova, Alsou, Lev Leshchenko, Alexey Vorobyov, Anzhelika Varum, Leonid Agutin, Maruv, Ani Lorak, Alexandr Malinin, Jasmin, A. Panayotov, the  Doredos band, and many other stars. The special guest performer was Luis Fonsi with his world-famous hit Despacito. The hosts of the concert were A. Malakhov and Lera. 

09.00 p.m. – Superb program of the Super After Party under the star-lit sky of Sochi: featuring Basta and Matrang (the night stage of the ‘Imeretisky’ Resort, Olympiysky prospect,  opposite the Main Media Center)

5 September

07.30 p.m. – Evening with the A`Studio band + Contest Day 1

Popular stars performed remakes of the band’s hits. Before the Contest Day 1 performances of the contestants, the audience enjoyed the concert featuring Philipp Kirkorov, Alsou, Dimash Kudaibergen, Leonid. Agutin, T. Nevergreen, S. Lazarev, Alekseev, A. Belyaev, Yulianna Karaulova, The Jigits, T. Rodriguez, and, of course, A’Studio! The hosts were T. Rodriguez, A. Revva, Lera.

09.00 p.m. – Evening with Leonid Agutin.  Also featuring  S. Lazarev, I. Dubtsva, A. Vorobyov, Y. Karaulova, A’Studio, T. Rodriguez, S. Fox, Alekseev, Artik & Asti, D. Jocker, Quest Pistols, MBAND, I. Busulis, Zara, Pizza, IOWA, A. Grizli, Chaga, A. Chumakov, S. Pieha, R. Kel Torres, D. Kudaibergen, A. Revva, N. Podolskaya, etc. Venue: the night stage of the ‘Imeretisky’ Resort, Olympiysky prospect,  opposite the Main Media Center (free admission)

6 September

07.30 p.m. – Evening with Vladimir Presnyakov  + Contest Day 2

Elaborate orchestration, replays of Vladimir Presnyakov’s hits by his friends and colleagues – star singers. The concert featured L. Agutin, S. Lazarev, G. Kharlamova, A. Varum, D. Bilan Burito, N. Podolskaya, ‘New Wave’ Chorus of the Academy of Popular Music by Igor Krutoi, Y. Karaulovs, A. Ivanov, A. Lorak, G. Leps. After stars the stage was taken by the contestants. The evening hosts were: G. Kharlamov, A. Vorobyov, Y. Karaulova

10.00 p.m. –‘MUZ-TV’ DISCO PARTY at Imeretinsky was attended by thousands of fans! Their favorite stars, most popular singers performed for them: L. Agutin, S. Lazarev, D. Bilan, A. Vorobiev, A`Studio, N. Podolskaya, The Jigits, ‘Pizza’, A. Revva, V. Presnyakov, E. Chaga, A. Grizli, DVOE, D. Danilevsky, G. Hasanova, Alsou. Venue: the night stage of the ‘Imeretisky’ Resort, Olympiysky prospect,  opposite the Main Media Center (free admission)

7 September

7 September, at 07:00 p.m. the main kids’ event was arranged as part of the ‘New Wave’ program – the evening ‘Super Kids Fest’! The brightest students of the Igor Krutoy’s  Academy, participants of the ‘New Wave Junior’ International Contest of Young Pop Singers and ‘You’re Superb!’ International TV Music Project: Valeria Adleiba, Anahit Adamyan, Masha Mirova, Alexandra Kirilchuk, Katya Maneshina, Vladimir Skripal, Karina Ismailova, and many other performers sang Russian pop hits, adored by the entire country. The concert spectators had the opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of children’s art, festive mood, watch performances of young talents. At the ‘Super Kids Fest’ children are the main celebrities! (Venue: the evening stage of the ‘Imeretisky’ Resort, Olympiysky prospect,  opposite the Main Media Center (free admission))

7 September at 07:00 p.m., on the square of the Southern wing of Sochi sea port,  there was staged the ‘New Wave’ robustious show of contestants  – a superb mix of drive and music! (free admission)

07.30 p.m. – Evening with Irina Allegrova

The  gorgeous program covering the best hits of this popular singer – performed by her and her colleagues: I. Krutoy, Ph. Kirkorov, D. Bilan, D. Arbenina, A. Lorak, I. Nikolaev, Lolita, Jasmin, R. Kel Torres, I. Busulis, Slava, Zara, A’Studio, Artik & Asti

8 September

07.30 p.m. – Debut Songs Premiere Night + Contest Day 3

Before the contestants’ performances, the evening featured all stars:  Ph. Kirkorov, I. Allegrova, S. Lazarev, N. Baskov, D. Bilan, A. Lorak, Timati, E. Kreed, T. Povalii, A. Varum. Hosts: M. Galustyan, A. Revva, V. Galygin

09.00 p.m. – Super After Party was ignited by  Timati and E. Kreed:  the mix of fast drive hits and surprises. Venue: the night stage of the ‘Imeretisky’ Resort, Olympiysky prospect,  opposite the Main Media Center (free admission)

9 September

07.30 September – Grand Closing and Gala Concert

The Gala evening – the final chord of the Contest, with the winners’ show, and the Chrystal Wave, the Spectators Award and other awards-giving ceremonyof the ‘New Wave 2018’ festival.

The brightest stars and the contestants waved farewell to the Conest and sang together with the audience.  The program’s highlights were performances by  Ph. Kirkorov, Loboda, L. Leschenko, L. Dolina, I. Allegrova, I. Nikolaev, O. Gazmanov, L. Vaikule, Lolita, E. Temnikova, Zara, Jasmin, D. Kliaver, A. Sviridova, A. Revva, Slava, A. Buinov, S. Pavliashvili, T. Rodriguez, Banderos, D. Kudaibergen, Cosmos Girls. Hosts: M.Kravets, A. Revva, T. Rodriguez, Yu. Karaulova.

The ‘New Wave’ prize fund  of 7 mln rubles was divided between:

1 prize – Dan Rozin (Russia)

2 prize – Daria Antoniuk (Russia) и Gevorg Harutyunyan (Armenia)

3 prize – Demy (Greece)

The web sites and, as well as the ‘New Wave Hall’ hosted the spectators’ polls and ballot for the Spectators’ Award – the title of the fan’s most appreciated  Contest participant.  According to the number of votes earned by the contestants from viewers of the two web sites and the audience of the ‘New Wave Hall’, the winner of the Spectators’ Award is Daria Antoniuk (Russia). She received the Chrystal Wave trophy from the ‘ARS” holding company, as well as a special prize provided by the web site

The special prize provided by the ‘RZD’ company – the ‘RZD Bonus card’ worth 50 000 bonus points for free train tickets – went to Emil Kadyrov (Azerbaijan). The prize was handed in by Marina Zhegulina (Deputy General Director of the Federal Passenger Company).

 The special trophy from the MUZ-TV company – rotation of the video on the channel – was handed in by the MUZ-TV  CEO Arman Davletyarov to ‘Pidzhakov Live’ band ( Russia). Ana Zorina (Russia) was awarded the certificate for getting her video filmed by the ‘ARS” company.

On the Grand Closing day of the Contest, the Sochi Mayor Anatoly Pakhomov awarded the Contest Jury Chairman Igor Krutoy and the Contest CEO Alexander Rumyantsev with the special ‘Recognition and Respect from Sochi Residents’ Honors.

Broadcast live on Russia-1 TV

Grand Opening Concert –  4 September

Evening with I.Allegrova – 7 September

Evening with A’Studio + Contest Day 1 –  5 September

Evening with V. Presnyakov + Contest Day 2  – 6 September

Debut Songs Premiere Night + Contest Day 3 – 8 September

Grand Closing and Gala Concert – 9 September

Evening with Leonid Agutin – 5 September

Administration of Krasnodar region and Sochi city administration have provided maximum support to the preparation, organization and staging of the  ‘New Wave’ in the Olympic Park. Within a short period of time the construction site for the ‘NEW WAVE HALL’ concert venue was arranged. It is within a walking distance of the famous Fisht stadium and the ‘Sochi Park’ theme park. Construction works continued for several months. During this time, the site was connected to all necessary communications. 6 hectares of green lawns were grassed, sidewalks and pedestrian paths were arranged. The 14 ha plot was asphalted. Trees and flowers were planted. Sochi streets and bridges were branded with the ‘New Wave’ banners, light installations, boards. The Organizing Committee extend special words of thanks to Krasnodar region Governor V. Kondratiev and to Sochi Mayor A. Pakhomov: the new site for the huge roofed outdoor theater was prepared in practically no time, all needs and requests were considered in matters related to the Contest’s operational specifics and the ‘New Wave’ guests’ convenience, as well as safety and security provisions.


The ‘New Wave’ was co-sponsored by LUKOIL PJSC (, one of the world’s largest vertically integrated oil and gas companies, covering 2% of the global oil output and about 1% of extraction of proven gas reserves. The company plays a key role in the fuel and energy sector of Russia, its share in oil extraction and processing is 15%. The company invests heavily in environment protection.  LUKOIL actively supports socially significant projects in the regions of its activity, annually increasing investments in sponsorship and charitable activities

The Contest was held with the support from PAO SEVERSTAL ( – a vertically integrated steel and mining company with assets in Russia, Latvia, Poland and Italy. Shares of the company are traded on the MICEX and RTC, while its global deposit  receipts are traded on the London Stock Exchange. In 2017, the company’s revenues amounted to $7.848 million, EBITDA reached $2.577 mln. In 2017, it produced 11.7 million. tons of steel



The ‘New Wave’ was held with the support from POLUS ( — the largest in Russia and one of the ten leading gold mining companies in the world in terms of production with the lowest costs. Among the world largest manufacturers of gold, POLUS is ranked second in terms of stocks and third in resources. The main production facilities of the company are located on the territory of Krasnoyarsk region, Irkutsk and Magadan regions, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).


The Imeretinsky resort hotel ( , the Contest’s partner, is the number one in Russia all-season resort complex offering the unique location, the best value for money, quality services.  The resort is located in the Imeretinskaya Valley, on the Black sea beach, 10 minutes from the airport, within walking distance of the Olympic Park. Imeretinsky  is the only in Sochi resort with top-notch facilities operating round the year, There are more than 20 restaurants and cafés, 23 pools (8 of them for children), a tennis school with 6 courts, a 15 km running and cycling track, a SPA and fitness center, a marina, a medical clinic.


The information partner of the ‘New Wave’ is KARTINA.TV ( –is the largest international operator of the Russian-speaking Internet television. For 10 years the company has been providing its services to a vast audience across the globe. To watch TV  via Kartina.TV in high resolution quality,  one does not need to install a satellite satellite dish or connect to cable. Now your favorite channels and movies are always with you. Watch TV wherever you are: on the road, and at home, wherever you have Internet access.  Kartina.TV offers over 150 channels to choose from, as well as tens of thousands of films in four rental movies pools. In addition, you can watch any recorded show or video, because the entire broadcast archive is stored and available for 14 days! With Kartina.TV it’s up to you alone to control your time and decide what and when to watch. Anytime, anywhere, on your TV, or tablet, smartphone, or computer – you have endless opportunities and absolute mobility!

For the second year, the Joint Stock Company “Federal Passenger Company” (JSC ‘FPC’)  is an official carrier of the ‘New Wave’. JSC ‘FPC’ is a  specialized branch of Russian Railways (JSC “RZD”), the Russian Federation national rail carrier in the long distance transportation market, a European leader in passenger traffic and in rolling stock. JSC ‘FPC’ operates railway passenger transportation across 77 regions of Russia, thus performing an important social function of providing for people’s mobility. The company also operates international passenger transportation within the region of Europe and Asia. The rolling stock of JSC ‘FPC’ includes over 18 thousand cars of different types. JSC ‘FPC’ rail services cover shipment of vehicles and motorcycles in autoracks. The passengers ‘ loyalty program ‘Russian railways Bonus’ encourage passengers to accumulate points to redeem premium tickets.  The JSC ‘FPC’ human resources involve 63 thousand people. In 2017, the company carried more than 95 million people.


One of the Contest`s Sponsors  was the Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (MMK) company ( – one of the world’s largest steel producers and a leading Russian metals company. The company’s operations in Russia include a large steel producing complex encompassing the entire production chain, from preparation of iron ore to downstream processing of rolled steel. MMK turns out a broad range of steel products with a predominant share of high-value-added products. In 2017 MMK Group produced 12,9 million tonnes of crude steel and 11,6 million tons of commercial steel products.

Mercedes-Benz has become a permanent transport partner of the ‘New Wave’: для it has offered 58 vehocles for comfortable and safe local transfers of the popular star singers, including Mercedes-Maybach S-class, business-class sedans E-class, GLS cars и V-class vehicles. Guests were given a chance to appreciate the strengths of the exhibited Mercedes-AMG G 63, the choice of which was not accidental. It was in Krasnaya polyana, Sochi, in July 2018, that the Legends Mountain test track was opened for testing the new G-class – the first and the only off-road track of  Mercedes-Benz in Russia.  It was built after the design of a special test track of Mercedes-Benz on Schöckl Mount near the G-class car production plant in the Austrian city of Graz. The route of the Legends Mountain  runs at 960 meters above sea level in the ski resort of  the Gorky Gorod resort. The track is available  as a permanent  facility for all those wishing to have a test-drive for G-class cars before the first snow falls.

The ‘New Wave’ Spectators Award was offered by the ‘ARS’ holding company.  


Voting on-line was hosted by


The main trophy of the ‘New Wave’ Contest features three white skyward waves of white crystal crowned with three black crystal keys. Winners of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places are awarded with these crystal prizes. Similar yet smaller trophies are awarded to the ‘New Wave Junior’ Contest winners. These famous trophies are made at the Gus-Chrystal Glass Factory in the Russian city of Gus-Khrustalny – the city where true professionals cherish centuries-old traditions of glass and crystal production.

The ‘New Wave Hall‘,  designed and erected for the first time in 2015 especially for the ‘New Wave’, is a huge roofed outdoor theater fitted with top-notch equipment. Its construction  took dozens of technicians,  various mechanisms and special technologies. This year the capacity  has been increased to 2800 seats, compared to 2500 seats last year. Every year it collects full house. In 2015 and 2016 the “New Wave Hall’ was erected in the Sochi Sea Port (the square on the Southern wing). Since 2017, the Contest is staged in the Olympic park of Sochi (Olympiysky prospect, 17).  International recognition and millions of TV fans that the Contest has earned over years is a solid evidence of the highly professional organization of this annual event.  Every year the contest helps a lot of talented winners, and this trend  enhances its popularity, relevance and sustainability. A new page of the ‘New Wave’ history was opened when the festival moved to Russia, to the city of Sochi – one of the most popular resort cities in the world, where the Contest  has gained new inspiration and the new public response. The glory of the successful Olympic host city is enhanced now in the world of music,  this annual international contest of singers staged in the Russian Federation  is a drive and promotion for Russia’s positive status on the international music arena.