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The ‘New Wave 2017’ International Contest of Young Pop Singers took place in Sochi from September, 8 to 14.



The main objective of the contest is to discover music talents and present them to the spectators. Such a major music forum is required to the countries where the issues of the modern music culture development are a priority. Every year the jury of the contest includes the most popular artists and musicians from Russia and other countries of the world. The Jury is permanently presided by the People’s Artist of Russia, producer and composer Igor Krutoy. Jury members: singer and composer Igor Nikolaev; composer and producer Konstantin Meladze; People’s Artist of Russia, composer and producer Filip Kirkorov; popular singer, actor, TV presenter Sergey Lazarev; popular singer, actress, Honored Artist of Russia Angelika Varum; popular composer Dimitris Kontopoulos; People’s Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan, singer Alsu; popular singer, musician and composer Intars Busulis; musician, producer, composer Anton Belyaev; CEO of the MUZ-TV Russian National Channel of Music Arman Davletiarov.

Every year the contest features Russian and world stars wishing to support the young artists with their performances: S. Wonder, M. Bolton, Seal, T. Braxton, C. David, L. Fabian, E. Iglesias, P. Kaas, In-Grid, T. Cutugno, S. Connor, B. Tyler, T. Anders, Chris de Burgh, Al Di Meola, J. Cocker, M. Caballe, R. Gibb, Al Jerreau, Roxette, L. Stansfield, T. Jones, Robin Thicke, N. Furtado, R. Astley, E. Shapplin, Sting, Ricky Martin, Eros Ramazzotti, A. Pugacheva, D. Hvorostovsky, I. Kobzon, V. Leontyev, A. Netrebko, F. Kirkorov, S. Rotaru, N. Baskov, Valeriya, L. Dolina, G.Leps, V. Meladze and many others. All the stars mention high international level of the contest, its scope and relevance.

Many of the contestants of different years have become popular artists. Over the years, the Contest has opened many names, such as D. Bilan (Russia), S. Lazarev (Russia), E. Butler (Israel), A. Stotskaya (Russia), Cosmos Band (Latvia), I. Dubtsova (Russia), I. Busulis (Latvia), T. Karol (Ukraine), P. Gagarina (Russia), N. Gordienko (Moldova), Nyusha (Russia), I. Dorn (Ukraine ), S. Sondoro (Indonesia), Jamala (Ukraine), Roberto Kel Torres (Cuba), A. Borodin (Russia), and many others. In different years, participants of the ‘New Wave’ became finalists of the ‘Eurovision’ Contest: D. Bilan (‘New Wave 2002’ and ‘Eurovision 2006 and 2008’), I. Busulis (‘New Wave 2005’ and ‘Eurovision 2009’), N. Barbu (‘New Wave 2004’ and ‘Eurovision 2007’), Sofiko (‘New Wave 2006’ and ‘Eurovision 2007’), Aisha (‘New Wave 2009’ and ‘Eurovision 2010’), ‘PeR’ Band (‘New Wave 2010’ and ‘Eurovision 2014’), Donny Montell (‘New Wave 2011’ and ‘Eurovision 2016’), Jamala (‘New Wave 2009’ and the ‘Eurovision 2016’), S. Lazarev (‘New Wave 2002’ as part of the SMASH!! Duet, and ‘Eurovision 2016’).

The contest has got long-lasting traditions which are dear both to the contestants, and the spectators and fans of the ‘New Wave’: live television audiences of the Russia 1 TV Channel amount to more than 200 million people. This shows how popular and well-recognized this event is.
Each year, from 2002 to 2014, the contest was staged in Latvian Jurmala.
In 2015, the ‘New Wave’ moved to Sochi and was staged here from October, 2 to October, 11 at the new Sea Port venue on the Northern Pier Square. Winners of the 2015 Contest were: First place – Damir Kedzo (Croatia, prize of 3.5 million rubles), second place was shared by Ademi (Kazakhstan, prize of 2.2 million rubles) and Millane Fernandez (Indonesia, prize of 2.2 million rubles), third place was taken by ‘The Pringlez’ Ukrainian group (prize of 1.3 million rubles). The Audience Choice Award was received by the contestant from Kazakhstan, Ademi. The Special Prize from the web-site, the official Internet partner of the contest, according to the web-site visitors’ voting results was received by the participant from Armenia, Grigor Kekchyan. The Special Prize of the Yugra Bank, a music video production, was awarded to a young and promising performer from Russia, Kamila Izmailova.

The ‘New Wave 2016’ contest battle involved 16 finalists from 12 countries of the world. Winners of the 2016 Contest were: The first place was divided between Dino (Croatia) and Walter Ricci (Italy). The second place was taken by Galina Bezruk (Ukraine), the third place went to the Georgian contestant Georgi Nadibaidze. Winners of the first three places received bank cards with the award amount from the Yugra Bank. The Audience Choice Award and the Special Prize from the MUZ-TV Channel, which was rotation of the music video on the channel, went to Yesenia (Ukraine).

The ‘New Wave 2017’ was taking place at the Olympic Park at the New Wave Hall. The ‘New Wave 2017’ featured 14 contestants from 9 countries.
Drawing of lots for the Contest Days took place on September, 1:
11.00 a.m. School grounds in the Imeretinskaya Lowland (12a, Triumfalnaya Street, the Imeretinsky Resort, Sochi. Draw for the Contest Day 1)
3.00 p.m. The ‘Windows To Russia. Masterpieces Of Seven Generations’ Exhibition Pavilion (7, Parusnaya Street. Draw for the Contest Day 2)
7.00 p.m. The Big Sochi Dolphinarium (1, Yegorova Street, Riviera Park. Draw for the Contest Day 3)
Press-conferences with participation of the Chairman of the Jury, People’s Artist of Russia, composer, producer Igor Krutoy, People’s Artist of Russia, singer, producer Filip Kirkorov, CEO of Avtoradio Yuri Kostin, the head of the city of Sochi Anatoly Pakhomov, the ‘New Wave’ Contest CEO Alexander Rumyantsev were held on the opening and closing days of the Contest.
The International ‘New Wave’ Beach Soccer Cup was held on September, 11. Two teams, contestants and stars, participated in this event. The tournament was supported by ‘ZASport’ Company ( by Anastasia Zadorina and KARTINA-TV and was held on the Imeretinsky Resort beach. The tournament was won by the stars’ team.
As part of the ‘New Wave’, the New Wave Fashion Week was held. September, 9. The Pullman Hotel. Anika Kerimova. The designer presented her new resort collection called the New Wave by Anika Kerimova, in which the emphasis is made on the nuances and originality of a lady on vacation. The color palette includes fashionable colors of the upcoming season, blue and red; floor-length flying silk dresses, stripe suits, dresses and wraps of lace, trouser suits and one-piece coveralls that are the hallmark of the fashion house, as well as chic evening gowns.
September, 11. The Vesna Hotel. Show of the American fashion designer Rubin Singer.
The passion for work of the American designer Rubin Singer can be explained by his Russian origin. His family has been involved in the fashion industry for many decades now. Some of his ideas for new masterpieces come from the Russian fashion trends and traditions. This is what makes his working style truly unique, Rubin offers women a combination of something that seems very familiar but at the same time very surprising to them. This is what attracts women who love to feel confident and, most importantly, to be unforgettable. Sometimes it may so happen that the art dresses by Singer can generate discussions and look totally unacceptable. Rubin intends to create an image of a confident woman who therefore likes to demonstrate her natural attractiveness. The women who decide to wear his dresses can for sure be real winners in any situation as well as conquer the world with their beauty. His every new collection does not only surprise the public with a new style. What is true is that every time he creates a big variety of images that are based on aesthetic sophistication and simplicity of forms. Sometimes he makes us accept changes in the fashion industry and start following new trends. Rubin has always liked to create something unique but he will never let this uniqueness go against his ideals and principles. He does always keep in mind that his dresses have to have strict lines and perfectly present the shape of a body. This is why his fans can easily recognize his dresses at any fashion show or a fashion event. This is the reason why such celebrities as Rihanna, Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez, Sharon Stone and many others preferred to have dresses designed by Rubin Singer as they simply made all his rivals and supporters feel excited about his talent. The designer has got a great work experience; however, he continues to personally control production of the dresses at every step. This is what has led him to a great success and reasonably made him famous. On the one hand, the Rubin Singer brand tries to make a dress look very provocative but, on the other hand, it strictly follows all basic rules of designing clothes. It allows the designer to express his own view on fashion and show personal working techniques. Rubin is sure that it is impossible to create a masterpiece when one does not know the basics of the art. Thanks to his great professionalism he is able make clothes look unique while preserving its natural shape. Many people have a big desire to look attractive and feel confident by wearing fashionable clothes. And it is absolutely true that every person has a chance to express their personality regardless of what style he likes and how much he earns. He is able to do that through fashion. And professional designers are ready to offer their help. Rubin Singer creates unforgettable masterpieces which symbolize his uniqueness and imitable style. That is why the future professional life of this designer as well as his new collections will always shine in the fashion industry, because yet today Rubin is able to define fashion trends of the days to come.

September, 12. 12.00 p.m. Joint flashmob with designer Tatiana Vladimirskaya – ‘Black Mama’ Apparel Brand (it took place in the Olympic Park, Medals Plaza).
On September, 14, a star was installed at the ‘New Wave’ Walk Of Fame in Soch. Ceremonial installation of the ‘New Wave’ bas-relief also took place (Nesebrskaya Street, orienting point Rotunda).

Concert program of the 2017 Contest:
September , 8. Grandiose Gala Concert inaugurating the Contest opening. The ‘New Wave’ contestants, 14 finalists from 9 countries of the world, appeared on stage for the first time. The program brought together Filip Kirkorov, Irina Allegrova, Nikolay Baskov, Natasha Koroleva, Sergey Lazarev, Polina Gagarina, Dima Bilan, Irina Dubtsova, Intars Busulis, Diana Arbenina, IOWA Group, Estradarada, Olga Buzova, Alexey Vorobiev, Yulianna Karaulova, ALEKSEEV, Jasmine, Diskoteka Avariya Group, Alexander Rozenbaum, Larisa Dolina, Gleb Matveychuk, Alexander Buynov, Dominik Joker, choir of the ‘New Wave’ Academy Of Popular Music by Igor Krutoy. Special guest of the evening was the most fashionable singer of the year LP, i.e. Laura Pergolizzi, an American singer of Italian origin.
September, 9. Cinema Day. Contest Day 1 – The World Hit Program Prior to the contestants’ performance, the spectators watched a magnificent concert: stars were singing well-known and favorite songs from Russian films. Stars included Filip Kirkorov, Lev Leshchenko, Lolita, Alexander Buynov, Alexander Rozenbaum, Dima Bilan, Alexey Vorobiev, Yulianna Karaulova, Timur Rodriguez. Nikita Mikhalkov was a presenter.
September, 10. Concert of the Jury Members and the Contest Day 2 – The Nation Hit Program Igor Krutoy, Konstantin Meladze, Angelika Varum, Alsou, Igor Nikolaev, Filip Kirkorov, Sergey Lazarev, Intars Busulis onstage before the contest. SUPER AFTERPARTY on September, 10. LOBODA onstage at the New Wave Hall! Magnificent show of the expressive pop singer was a big time.
September, 11. Gala Concert of the ‘New Wave’ Stars. The spectators saw Filip Kirkorov, Lyubov Uspenskaya, Nikolay Baskov, Valery Leontiev, Dima Bilan, Alsou, Angelika Varum, Nyusha, Alexander Panayotov, Irina Dubtsova, Gradusy Group, Yulianna Karaulova, LOBODA, Alexander Revva, Artik & Asti, Elena Temnikova, A’Studio Group, Mot, Ani Lorak, Alexey Vorobiev, Rodion Gazmanov, Lolita, Yufa, Taisia Povaliy, choir of the ‘New Wave’ Academy Of Popular Music by Igor Krutoy. At 10.00 p.m. the MUZ-TV Disco was a success in Imeretinka! We sang and danced to the hits of the best artists: Alsou, Dima Bilan, Ani Lorak, Nikolay Baskov, Irina Dubtsova, Gradusy Group, A’Studio Group and many others. Presenters – Andrey Razygraev and Lera Kudryavtseva.
September, 12. Filip Kirkorov’s Tribute dedicated to his 50th anniversary. Valery Leontiev, Nikolay Baskov, Grigory Leps, Irina Allegrova, Kristina Orbakaite, Igor Krutoy, Lyubov Uspenskaya, Laima Vaikule, Valery Meladze, Alsou, Dima Bilan, Vera Brezhneva, Sergey Lazarev, Leonid Agutin, Oleg Gazmanov, Ani Lorak, Igor Nikolaev, LOBODA, Timati, A’Studio Group, Polina Gagarina, Soso Pavliashvili, Maria Rasputina, Alexander Revva, Alexander Panayotov, Intars Busulis, Alla-Victoria and Martin Kirkorov, Bedros Kirkorov, Zara participated in the concert. And, of course, the long-awaited solo by Filip Kirkorov!
September, 13. Contest Day 3 – The Original Songs Program The program included performances by Irina Allegrova, Filip Kirkorov, Oleg Gazmanov, Grigory Leps, Valeriya, Valery Meladze, Timati, Leonid Agutin, Sergey Lazarev and THERR MAITZ. September, 13. SUPER AFTERPARTY with the participation of the ‘Ruki Vverkh!’ group.
September, 14. A memorable gala night: awarding of the winners, presenting them with the legendary ‘Crystal Waves’, the Audience Choice Award, and other special prizes awarded to the winners and finalists of the ‘New Wave 2017’.
The night’s program featured Filip Kirkorov, Kristina Orbakaite, Irina Allegrova, Lev Leshchenko, Nikolai Baskov, Valery Leontiev, Valeriya, Alsou, Oleg Gazmanov, Valery Meladze, Laima Vaikule, Vladimir Presnyakov, Leonid Agutin, Nyusha, Jasmine, Via Gra group, Ruki Vverkh! group, Timur Rodriguez, Max Barsky, MBAND, BURITO group and others.

The ‘New Wave’ prize fund amounting to 7 million rubles was shared among:
1st place – Sardor Milano (Uzbekistan), DoReDos group (Moldova), Erna Mir (Armenia)
2nd place – Syuzanna Melqonyan (Armenia)
3rd place – Lilu (Vietnam).
Audience Choice Award, the Diamond Wave, as well as the ‘New Wave’ watch by the famous Swiss brand Jacob & Co were awarded to Rustem Zhugunusov (Kazakhstan).
A Special Prize from the Russian Railways, a bonus card with 50,000 bonus points for comfortable traveling was awarded to Stas More (Russia). The prize was presented by Marina Zhegulina (head of the marketing division of the Federal Passenger Company JSC) and head of the Northwest branch of the company Mikhail Poyarkov.
Voting for the most stylish ‘New Wave 2017’ contestant has been taking place at the portal for a month. As a result, typing more than 10 thousand votes, Lusia Chebotina (Russia) won this prize. At the final press conference, the Chief Editor of Anna Kruglova handed a special prize to the winner. It was a certificate for professional photo session and interview which will be published in the website, as well as a certificate for the purchase of the Olympic fan uniform by ZASPORT.
Special Prize from MUZ-TV, rotation of a music video on the channel, was awarded to Sasha Santa by the MUZ-TV CEO Arman Davletiarov. Certificate for shooting the music video provided by the ‘New Wave’ Contest Organizing Committee.

The Contest on-airs on the Russia1 TV Channel:
Opening – September, 9
Cinema Day – September, 10
Concert of the Jury Members – September, 14
Filip Kirkorov’s Concert – September, 15
Premiers Day – September, 16
Closing of the Contest – September, 17
Gala-concert of the stars (dated September, 11) to be on air in November

Administrations of the Krasnodar region and of the city of Sochi have provided maximum of their assistance to the ‘New Wave’ regarding moving of the contest to the Olympic Park. The NEW WAVE HALL was constructed out of prefabricated elements on the grounds prepared within a short period of time. The Hall is located within a walking distance from the famous ‘Fisht’ Stadium and the Sochi Park. Construction works went on for several months. During this time all the necessary utilities, such as water, sewerage, power, were supplied. 6 hectares of green lawns were prepared, as well as sidewalks and pedestrian paths. A plot of 14 ha was covered with asphalt, trees and flowers planted around. Streets and bridges of the resort were decorated with the dozens of flags, banners, lighting designs dedicated to the ‘New Wave’. Personal words of gratitude from the Organizing Committee go to the Governor of the Krasnodar region Veniamin Kondratiev and to the head of the city of Sochi Anatoly Pakhomov for preparing the new site for the New Wave Hall within a short period of time, for taking into account all the suggestions related to the contest’s operating mode and convenience for the ‘New Wave’ guests, for resolving the issues of safety and security during the event.
The ‘New Wave’ was supported by LUKOIL – the LUKOIL Public Company (, one of the largest international vertically integrated private oil and gas companies, which accounts for more than 2% of the world’s oil production and about 1% of the proven hydrocarbon reserves. LUKOIL operates in 35 countries around the world, constantly expanding the geography of its presence.
The contest was held with the support of the Polus Company. The Polus ( is the largest Russian and one of the ten leading gold mining companies in the world in terms of production at the lowest costs. Polus is ranked second among the world’s largest producers of gold in terms of stocks, and third in terms of resources. The main production facilities of the company are located on the territory of the Krasnoyarsk Krai, Irkutsk and Magadan regions, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).
The ‘New Wave’ was supported by the Summagroup ( The Summagroup is a strategic investor taking direct participation in managing all of its assets. The Group strives to develop a unique sectoral competence, demonstrate the highest quality corporate governance and pro-actively participate in the social projects. The Group’s goal is to be the leader of innovative development, to create conditions for the emergence and spread of the new technology, as well as to promote the international exchange of the best practices.
Partner of the contest is the Ingosstrakh Insurance Public Joint Stock Company (, one of the largest Russian insurance companies consistently ranked in the top 10 insurers in Russia. It belongs to the category of strategic Russian insurance companies. This insurer is the most active in the media. For three consecutive years it was ranked first in the ranking of the insurance companies the most referred to in the press. The company works for the new generation, a generation people who live their lives to the fullest. For those who appreciate comfort and safety. For those whose days are filled with meaning. Interesting work. Joy. For those who have goals. Who wants to face the future with confidence. 70 years is a unique experience that allows us to get to a whole new level. 70 years is not just a jubilee. This is the beginning of renovation for Ingosstrakh.
Official Hotel of the contest is the Imeretinsky Hotel (, the first Russian all-season resort, the success of which is defined by its unique location, value-for-money factor, and high level of service. The resort is located in the Imeretinskaya Valley, on the Black Sea, 10 minutes from the airport, within a walking distance from the Olympic Park. The Imeretinsky is the only resort in Sochi, having the infrastructure for the productive life a year-round. It has more than 20 restaurants and cafés, 19 pools (6 of them for children), a tennis school with 6 courts, 15 km of tracks for running and cycling, SPA and fitness center, yacht marina, a medical clinic.
Information partner of the contest, the KARTINA-TV ( is perfect for the Russian-speaking viewers living abroad! No need to install a satellite dish or connect a cable TV. It’s enough to have home access to the Internet. The possibilities of Kartina.TV a huge and varied! Trial access to Kartina.TV can be provided to everyone for free. Using the Archive, for example, you can watch the shows which you missed within two weeks after their release.
The official carrier of the contest is RZD ( The Federal Passenger Company (FPC) is the largest subsidiary of the Russian Railways in charge of the long-distance passenger transportation throughout Russia and abroad. The company also offers its customers an opportunity to ship cars in special trains as well as to transport bulky luggage in separate compartments. More than 500 trains owned by the company operate daily. In 2016 more than 94 million passengers used the services of the the FPC. It is the largest number of passengers among the transport companies that offer long-distance tickets. Sixty three thousand employees work every day to ensure the best experience and provide customers with a comfortable and safe travel.
The jewelry VIP-partner of the contest was the Mercury Jewelry Company. Thanks to the elegant and attractive design, high quality of stones, careful selection of material by gemmologists as well as wonderful work of top experts from Italy, the jewelry produced under the Mercury brand is very much appreciated by the professional community and demanding customers. At the moment the Mercury offers three top collections of jewelry which are Classic, Color and Flower. Every piece of work is featured with a precious stone. It can be a diamond, a ruby, a sapphire or an emerald that serve a good inspiration for designing a new masterpiece. The Mercury Company takes an active part in cultural events and enthusiastically supports concerts of the world stars.
The ‘New Wave’ Audience Choice Award has been offered by the Twelve Thirteen Jewelry company. Jewelry by the Twelve Thirteen is a perfect choice for sophisticated people who truly appreciate unique jewelry of the highest quality. The handmade jewelry comes from Berlin and is inspired by the future. The numeric roman sign of XII/XIII is a symbol of ‘twins’ that speaks for a strong and ideal relationship between two individuals. Being encouraged by unveiling this deep meaning, the Twelve Thirteen Company makes truly unique masterpieces that cannot be compared with anything else. Every piece of work which is the most beautiful and inimitable indeed, always has its own story behind. Young designers Farid Asri and Benjamin Walter, being fascinated with the story of two brother-like friends taking place in one of the ancient fairy tails of the Tibet region, made a decision to establish this company. The sign of XII/XIII symbolizes natural strong ties that exist between the twins. Every accessory is a handicraft that receives good care and precise attention. It is designed in a way that brings together personal traits, beauty, uniqueness and modern trends. ‘Sleek and unique’, these are the exact words that would best describe this special prize to be presented as the Audience Choice Award. The winner of this prize will be able to see how unique the design of this violin clef is. The clef is made of pure gold with a number of precious diamonds.
The ‘New Wave’ main prize features three upward waves made of white crystal, crowned with the pianoforte keys made of black crystal. Winners ranked 1, 2 and 3 will get these very ‘Waves’! The ‘New Wave Junior’ has a similar prize, which is only slightly smaller in size than its ‘big brother’. These legendary ‘Waves’ are being manufactured at the Crystal Glass Factory located in the Russian town of Gus’-Khrustalny, the city of glass masters, where the traditions of glass and crystal manufacturing were established a few centuries ago.
The New Wave Hall, constructed and assembled in 2015 for the first time, is a huge indoor facility, equipped with the top class equipment. The New Wave Hall assembly and installation requires dozens of builders and involves various types of specialized machinery. The Hall seats 2,800 spectators (compared to 2,500 at the previous location): the concerts held here are sold-out every year. In 2015 and 2016 the ‘New Wave’ was staged at the Sochi Sea Port (the Northern Pier Square). In 2017 the contest took place at the Sochi Olympic Village (17, Olimpiysky Prospekt). International recognition and love of millions of TV viewers that the contest has acquired over the years are the testimony to the highly professional level of organization of the ‘New Wave’. Annual discovering of the talented winners is an obvious sign of its stability and relevance. A new page in the history of the ‘New Wave’ was its moving to Sochi, Russia, which is one of the most famous resorts of the world. This gives the contest a new impetus, a new voice. The Olympic torch relay baton has been handed to music. Staging of the world-class contest in Russia testifies the strengthening of Russia’s progressive status on the international music arena.