Rules for participation in the

“New Wave 2019”

International  Contest of Young Pop Singers


The contest organizer

The Organizer  of the ‘New Wave 2019’ International Contest of Young Pop Singers (hereinafter – Contest) is ‘ARS’ Holding (hereinafter – Organizer).


Terms of participation

To participate in the Contest, young talented artists aged between 16 and 35 years old are invited, regardless of their genre and number of performers:

-solo singers;

-duet singers;

– groups.

 The program, date and venue.

The ‘New Wave 2019’ International Contest of Young Pop Singers includes 4 rounds:

Round 1 – Regional qualifying round of the Contest

Dates _____________________

To participate in the Contest, all participants need to register and provide the Organizing Committee with all necessary materials (according to Clause 1)

1. The Participants shall register by submitting the following materials on the website:

• a detailed application (Entry form), indicating the number of performers to contest on their behalf (one form needs to be filled in separately for each participating team or individual performer);

• 1-3 photos

• three musical works (a world hit, a national hit, an original (author’s) song)


To submit the Entry Form, click here

2. The Organizing Committee  reserves the right to withdraw a Participant from the Contest, if the data in the application form fails to be valid.

3. On the outcomes of the Participants’ audition and review during the 1st Round, the best performers are invited to the Regional / National qualifying round.

4. A decision on each Participant’s promotion  to the Regional / National qualifying round is taken exclusively by the Organizing Committee in Moscow.

Round 2 – The Regional / National qualifying round of the Contest.

Dates: 17 April 2019

1. During the Regional / National qualifying round, the Participants shall perform two works:

• one’s own song or a national hit song

• a world hit song in a foreign language.


2. During the Regional / National qualifying round, the Jury reserves the right to:

• interrupt the Participant before the end of the song

• ask to perform another song from the repertoire of the Participant

3. The best performers, selected as a result of  the Regional / National qualifying round, are promoted  to participation in the semi-finals of the Contest.

4. The Participants, who have successfully passed the semi-finals, shall be offered the Jury’s recommendations on their repertoire, style, etc.

Round 3 – Semi-finals

Dates: 20-21 April 2019

Location: Russia, Moscow, ‘Borodino – Hall” (13, Rusakovskaya Str.)

1. Semi-finals shall last for  two days;

2. During the semifinals, each participant shall perform 2 pieces:

• one’s own song or a national hit song

• a world hit song in a foreign language

3. During the semi-finals, the Jury reserves the right:

• to interrupt the Participant before the end of the song

• ask to perform another song from the repertoire of the Participant


• Not to promote the Participant to the second day of listening, so the Participant has the right to choose the song  to be performed on the first day.

4. After the Semi-finals, the Jury announces the list of Participants proceeding  to the Finals of the Contest. The Jury offers recommendations to the Participants on their repertoire, style, image, choreography.

5. On outcomes  of additional auditions, the Competent Jury shall announce the list of the Contesting finalists.

6. Tour – The Finals

Dates: from 24 to 30 August 2019

The Finals shall take 6-days

Playback singing, number of performers on behalf of one  participant, rehearsals

1. During  the first round, all the works are performed by Participants with the track ‘-1’ pre-recorded on CD or MD-carriers, or perform a capella in the case of TV casting. From the second round on, all perform only with track  ‘-1’pre-recorded on CD or MD-carriers.


2. An auxiliary voice (back-vocal) is accepted if it does not duplicate the main voice (melody).

3. If the Contestant  invites backing vocalists, the use of auxiliary voice (backing vocals) shall not be acceptable.

4. Duration of each piece should not exceed 3 minutes.

5. While the Participant is performing (during the Regional /  National  qualifying round, semi-finals, finals), the total number of actors on the stage shall not exceed 6 people, including the Contestant, the accompanying band, the back-vocal and the ballet.



6. Rehearsals for the Participants promoted to the status of the Finalists, start about 10-12 days prior to the Opening of the contest in the city of Sochi. The exact date of departure is informed by the Organizing Committee added.

The Jury

1. Performance of Participants shall be  judged by the International Jury, which includes popular national and international performers, producers, representatives of international music companies.

2. Final scores shall be awarded according to a 11-point system, by open vote, which fully meets the criteria for international contests.

3. The decision of the Jury is endorced and recorded in the Minutes. The decision of the Jury is final and not subject to revision.

Awards. The prize fund

The prize fund value is 7 (seven) million rubles. If in the contest that the winners of prizes more than 3, the prize fund is redistributed between the winners of the money prize in proportion to the occupied prize places. The amount of the prize fund is not increased.


Also awarded shall be prizes in the following categories:

Spectators Award – the Winner’s Diploma and a valuable Diamond wave prize offered by the ‘Twelve Thirteen Jewellery’ Contest’s jewelry partner company. The winner is selected by TV and on-line viewers by publice vote on the official website of the New Wave 2018.

Additional Information

1. During the first round (on-line qualifying round), the 2nd round (Regional/ National qualifying round), and the 3rd round (Semi-finals), the Organizing Committee shall not incur any financial expenses associated with travel or accommodation of the Participants, but is ready to provide necessary documents, letters, to assist in arrangements.

2. During the Finals, the Organizing Committee covers and provides the Participant and one accompanying person with:

  • the travel ticket (round trip);
  • on-site transfers ;
  • local transfers;
  • accommodation;
  • 3 meals a day.



When necessary, the Organizing Committee will arrange a visa (the cover letters, invitations, etc.)

The Contest, rehearsals and all outside activities shall be staged in full compliance  with the procedure set by the Organizing Committee

Organising Committee

Stroyenie 2 of building 30, Leningradsky Prospekt Str., Moscow, 125040, Russia,

‘ARS’ Company

The ‘ New Wave ‘ Organizing Committee

+7 (495) 614-88-09 +7 (495) 614-06-11

Fax: +7 (495) 614-95-01


e-mail: [email protected]


Wishing you good luck,


Organizing Committee

of the

‘New Wave 2019’ International Contest

of Young Pop Singers