» » » Transformation. Syuzanna Melqonyan. Armenia.

Transformation. Syuzanna Melqonyan. Armenia.

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Transformation professional:


Denis Stroganov, stylist http://instagram.com/denstroganov :

We decided to underline the natural beauty of Syuzanna’s hair using the Tigi gloss semicolor http://tigirussia.ru and the Bed Head Resurrection Treatment Mask. We also refreshed her hair-ends with a correcting cut. Using brushes of various diameters (Blowout 35\45) by Wet Brush-pro http://instagram.com/wetbrushru, we dried her hair. After that we used the Bed Head After Party styling product.


Elena Shititskaia, makeup designer http://instagram.com/elena_shtitskaia :
We invented a luxurious Hollywood image for charismatic Syuzanna. We made her skin look even using the Star Performance powder. We also corrected her facial contours using three-color sculpturing palettes by Faberlic https://faberlic.com . The Fascinating Duo two-color eyeshadow of the Birth Of Dawn shade helped us to create a multidimension radiance effect on her eyelids.The Ardell eyelashes #120 finalized the image http://ardell-ru.ru . For the final touch we used the Ovation lipstick. Spectators’ applause is guaranteed.

Olya Afizi, nail-professional http://instagram.com/persona_pokrovka38 :
For Syuzanna we made a classic manicure. To create a perfect nail surface, we used a caoutchouc base on which we applied a milk-nude gel. Thanks to that, Syuzanna’s nails became perfectly smooth with a pleasant gloss, reflecting the charm and beauty of the contestant from sunny Armenia.

Making beauty with love. PERSONA.



Photo: Arkady Glukhikh





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