» » » Transformation Section. Nana Hatl. Russia.

Transformation Section. Nana Hatl. Russia.

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Transformation professional:

Natasha Krylik, stylist http://instagram.com/natashakruluk :

Working with Nana we decided to emphasize her natural beauty. For us it was important to nourish her hair and make it look healthy, for which we used a series consisting of a shampoo, hair conditioner and a mask by the Bed Head Urban Anti+dotes Resurrection http://tigirussia.ru.
It make the curls look noble we used the Tigi Bed Head AfterParty. We finalized the image with the Tigi Bed Head Full Of It spray.

Elena Shititskaia, makeup designer http://instagram.com/elena_shtitskaia:

The main task was to have a velvet skin, sensual lips and an open, expressive gaze. Our beauty helpers were the #Feelfresh foundation by Faberlic https://faberlic.com , the Way To Perfection matt powder and the Beauty Era blusher. To make the skin look golden-tanned we used the Goddess of Sun bronzer powder. A deep, saturated lip shade was obtained thanks to the use of the PROVOC halfpermanent lip pencil #08 http://instagram.com/provocmakeupru. We finalized the look building up a delicate eye shape using the Ardell http://ardell-ru.ru ‘shot’ and ‘medium’ eyelash clusters.

Olya Afizi, nail professioanl http://instagram.com/persona_pokrovka38:

We removed delicately Nana’s previous nail cover, perfromed a combined-technology manicure using both hardware and scissors, applied a nail varnish which perfectly blends in with the skin shade of our contestant. Beautiful perfect nails will decorate her both on the stage and in daily life.

Making beauty with love. PERSONA.

Photo: Arkady Glukhikh

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