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Transformation professional:

Demid Sidukov, stylist :

In order to make Artem’s stage image more expressive, we made a universal classic haircut with a longer front. This is the most popular men’s haircut which underlined his individual style and hair color. It is especially glamorous on those having blond hair. It is very stylish, a bit brutal, and gives a dynamic look. For styling the hair we used the Tigi Bed Head THUNDER STRUCK sea salt spray and the Tigi Bed Head Hard Head spray.
An important aspect of the look was cutting the beard and moustache. We also paid some attention to the brow line, correcting its shape using the brow gel by Faberlic in the brown shade. We gave Artem’s brows a distinct direction and filled them with color. This made his brows look glossy and healthy. The complete man’s look is ready!

Olya Afizi, nail professional :

Artem preferred the European manicure with cuticles pushed back. First, we softened the cuticles and afterwards we removed them. The nails were polished with a special file, and the hands were moisturized using a cream with herbal ingredients which nourishes and protects men’s hands from the harmful impact.

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Photo: Arkady Glukhikh



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