» » » Transformation. Rustem Zhugunusov. Kazakhstan.

Transformation. Rustem Zhugunusov. Kazakhstan.

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Transformation professional:

Demid Sidukov, stylist http://instagram.com/persona_pokrovka38 :

Rustem has got curly hair. It was important for us to adjust its shape and make it lighter without loosing the length. To make the silhouette smooth we used the technology of pulling a mass of hair through the BLOWOUT brush by Wet brush-pro http://instagram.com/wetbrushru , which allowed us to make his look glossy and sophisticated. We finalized the styling with the Bed Head Tigi Headrush http://tigirussia.ru and the Bed Head Tigi Flexi Head spray.

Beard trimming at the edges allowed us to reduce the volume and adjust the face contours.

Olya Afizi, nail-professional http://instagram.com/persona_pokrovka38 :

Taking care about men’s hands is a whole large area of the nail industry. For Rustem we offered integrated spa care including cleansing, peeling, moisturizing as well as manicure and matt nail varnish which is still fashionable in 2017

and makes a beautiful contribution to any style.

Making beauty with love. PERSONA.

Photo: Arkady Glukhikh


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