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Transformation. The DoReDos Group. Moldova

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Transformation professional:


Natasha Krylik, stylist http://instagram.com/natashakruluk :


Marina is a fountain of energy and drive. That’s what we used as the main idea of her image. Her hair was dyed using the Tigi Creative and Gloss products http://tigirussia.ru , which allowed us to preserve the health of her hair, and fill it with color and shine. The pin-up hairstyle is enchanting, so feminine and sexy. Our unfailing assistants were the Wet Brush-pro brushes http://instagram.com/wetbrushru , Tigi Bed Head Small Talk texturizer and the Tigi Bed Head Full OF It finishing volume spray, leaving the hair light and airy. The Tigi Bed Head Headrush gave the hairstyle its gloss. Demid Sidukov, stylist http://instagram.com/persona_pokrovka38 :

As for Eugeniu, we decided to add some sunshine to his hair to underline the color of his eyes and make his hairstyle more dynamic. The Tigi Copyright Colour True Light Lightener helped us with that. We dyed his hair with the Tigi Copyright Colour Mix Master. We also upgraded his haircut making it a concept-based one.
In styling his hair we used step-by-step products such as the Tigi Rockaholic THUNDER STRUCK sea salt, the Bed Head Tigi Hard to Get

texturizing paste, and the Bed Head Tigi Masterpiece Massive spray to finalize the image.
Denis Stroganov, stylist http://instagram.com/denstroganov :

We offered Sergiu a classic haircut, adding some masculine charm to his image. The Tigi Rockaholic Thunder Struck styling product was our aid, as well as the Wet Brush-pro brushes. To make his features more expressive and open, we cut his beard, changing its top edge line. Anya Nikolaeva, makeup designer http://instagram.com/makeupartist_nikolaeva :

For the DoReDos Marina’s transformation we chose the pin-up style. This style implies bright lips. It’s a kind of hello from the 50-ies http://instagram.com/provocmakeupru . We used the PROVOC #15 halfpermanent lip pencil to make tempting lips. The #Feelfresh foundation by Faberlic https://faberlic.com was perfect for underlining Marina’s naturally beautiful skin. This foundation combines such qualities as light texture, strength, gentle care and the ability to adjust to any skin shade. To make the eyes look natural, we chose natural shades out of the #Amazingeyes palett, called Dolce Vita, and highlighted the eye shape. The Color Galaxy liquid eye-liner of the Black Night shade added some flirtatious look. The Ardell Demi Wispies vibrant eyelashes were to finalize the image http://ardell-ru.ru. They made an accent on the tail of Marina’s eye.

Olya Afizi, nail-professional http://instagram.com/persona_pokrovka38 :


For Marina we made a hardware manicure with a tender-pink nail varnish, which is fashionable, and resonnating with Marina’s general look.

For Eugeniu we performed a nail file manicure and spa treatment which makes a stylish contribution to his look both on stage and in daily life.

For Sergiu we performed classic manicure and restored his nails using the IBX products. Filing and polishing of the nails will give them a well-conditioned look which is very important for creating a stage image.

Making beauty with love. PERSONA.

Photо: Arkady Glukhikh


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