Alexander Rumyantsev – the Contest CEO


‘Such a serious music event as the ‘New Wave’ International Contest of Young Pop Singers is committed to finding  the best and the brightest, ‘ this is the motto that drives  Alexander Rumyantsev’s hard, relentless and creative work as the Contest CEO.

Alexander Rumyantsev comes from a Moscow family of in-born musical talents. His grandfather, Vladimir Nikolayevich Belov, was a renowned composer of frontline songs popular with contract troops, and songs about the Motherland that were well-known to several generations.

At school, Alexander was an all-A student. Taking great interest in music from early childhood, he finished music school as an accordionist. As a teenager, Alexander was fascinated with many rock bands but idolized the legendary Deep Purple and Nazareth, meticulously building and rigorously maintaining collections of their albums on vinyl. He taught himself drums as a schoolboy, and in seventh grade set up his very own band, named ‘Burn’, to play at proms and other dance parties in his home district, Kuntsevo.

When working for a succession of international companies at the Center of International Trade, Mr. Rumyantsev met quite a few interesting people, including artists and musicians. It was during that period that he started to see that his creative urge was there to stay, and that the world of showbiz is his world where he is in the comfort zone, the world that he has a keen and nuanced understanding of.

Taking a bird’s eye view of the situation in Russian show business, Alexander concluded that a majority of  performers, even the most popular ones, suffered from a bad lack of high-quality printed promotional and advertising materials. So he came up with a business idea that soon materialized into Alexander Rumyantsev’s firm specialized in production of show boards, booklets, posters, calendars and a variety other advertising merchandize items.

In the 1990s, he organized concerts of Svetlana Lazareva, followed by a successful two-year long joint project with the ‘Academia’ Cabaret Duo.

In 1997, the ‘ARS’ Holding Company President Igor Krutoy offered Alexander an opportunity to set up and head up a new business unit, the Independent Copyright Agency. The agency’s mission was to protect copyright and associated intellectual property rights of authors and performers. Today, the agency’s catalogue features over two and a half thousand names of renowned poets, composers, bands, and individual performers, including Leonid Agutin, Konstantin Arsenev, Kim Breitburg, Alexander Zatsepin, Igor Krutoy, Philip Kirkorov, Konstantin Meladze, Alexander Shevchenko, ‘B-2’, ‘Discotheka Avaria’, ‘Ruki Vverh!’ and many others.

In February 2002, Mr. Krutoy, obviously satisfied with Alexander Rumyantsev’s performance, asked him to take charge of the organization and management of the ‘New Wave’ International Contest of Young Pop Singers in Jurmala. ‘It is critical to us to find truly inordinate, singular names; it’s what the Contest is all about,’ Alexander Rumyantsev  asserts. ‘All of us will contribute every effort to deliver the Contest’s core mission: to discover new stars! We would never be forgiven if we fail to recognize a talent, or miss it,’ assures  Alexander. ‘As we are engaged in arrangements for the ‘New Wave’ Contest and Concert programs, we are fully aware of what it takes to stage such a grand cultural event of an international scale and status on a high professional level: it takes  a rigorous, scrupulous, and ultimately responsible attention  to each and every detail, be it a routine operational matter or a non-nonsense  creative work. In an endeavor like this, each step matters. And a misstep is simply not an option!’